How To Whiten Your Teeth With Lipstick

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This one’s for all the women out there!

Have you ever wondered what colour lipsticks and glosses make your teeth look whiter and brighter?

Choosing the right lipstick shades can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing the colour of your teeth – be it white or yellow! So here’s a few tricks of the trade to help create that A-list-worthy smile for any occasion.

Blue-toned Lipstick

According to makeup artist Tina Turnbow, everyone should pick blue-toned lipstick. Her reasoning: “Blue undertones in your lipstick will make your teeth look brighter and whiter.” To answer why this is, we need to head back to art class and check out the colour wheel.  Blue sits on the opposite side of the wheel to orange and yellow. This means they act to cancel out that colour when they’re placed next to each other. So when you’re wearing blue-toned lipstick, any yellow tones on your teeth will become less noticeable, as opposed to yellow and orange bases which brings out those yellow tones more. Blue toned lipstick will help make your teeth look whiter.

Colour WheelRed Lipstick

We’ve all been told red lipstick is the way to go! The perfect red lipstick to choose is ‘Ruby Woo’ by MAC Cosmetics. ‘Ruby Woo’ is a world favourite for celebrities and makeup aficionados, as it’s flattering on most skin tones. It also contains the perfect amount of blue base in it to serve as your very own tube of personal whitening treatment.

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Light Pink Lipstick

Pink shades are a little trickier than reds, as they lack the dark contrast to really make your teeth stand out. Still, if you’re going with pink, stay away from orange or coral and choose a soft berry-hued pink. A good example is “Elegant Accent” Mineralize Rich Lipstick by MAC.

Dental O So Gentle Dental O So Gentle

Dark Pink Lipstick

With dark pink shades you have a wider variety from which to choose. But you can do no wrong by choosing a berry-hue shade. Whether it’s a deep plum or a light raspberry, they all contain strong blue-tones. A good example of this shade is “A Different” by Clinique Different Lipstick.


Dark Lipstick

STAY AWAY FROM BROWNS! Browns only highlight any brown tones in your smile. Only if you’re confident in the whiteness of your teeth should you consider going for it. However, you are better off sticking with a dark berry – or anything dark red – or dark purple because of the high contrast it offers against your teeth. A nice lipstick is Nars Audacious Lipstick in “Liv”.


Nude Lipstick

A sheer formula with a hint of gloss and a natural shade is the way to go. Anything too light and matte can be too much and might also make your lips look dry, which of course is a smile no-no. Also stay clear of frosty shimmer lipsticks, or you’ll run the risk of making your lips look whiter. A nice nude lipstick is “Ball in Float” by Lipstick Queen Butterfly.


Lock in the Right Shade for Your Lips

As you can see, ensuring your teeth look their whitest and brightest can often have a lot to do with your choice of lipstick.

But of course, you can always ensure that your teeth look nice and white through thorough hygiene, good dental habits and regular visits to Dental O So Gentle. Not too mention our take-home teeth whitening treatment! If you’d like to learn more about whitening your teeth contact your nearest Dental O So Gentle clinic.

By Ash Brannan and Alyssa Garbellini, Clinical Coordinators