Create A Glamorous Smile with

Gentle Veneers

Affordable Dental Makeover

Enjoy a truly stunning smile you’ll never want to stop showing off!

  • Affordable dental makeover
  • Glamorous smile
  • Painless treatment
  • No preparation, no hassle, no worries!

Our experienced, expert dentists provide Gentle Veneers in both our Perth City & Beldon clinics.

What are Gentle Veneers?

Gentle Veneers are strong yet thin porcelain shells placed on top of your existing teeth to create a glamorous smile.

They help fix:

  • The size of your teeth
  • The colour of your teeth
  • The shape of your teeth
  • And the alignment of your smile

Why are more and more people choosing Gentle Veneers?

Gentle Veneers are affordable, reliable and—most importantly—look great! Your smile will not only look beautiful and glamorous but natural too!

Plus, they’re super quick to apply and can be done in just one session.

  • Cost effective
  • Time efficient
  • No preparation required

How do Gentle Veneers differ from regular veneers?

Unlike regular veneers, Gentle Veneers require NO preparation and are applied directly to your original teeth. Gentle Veneers are applied all at once, unlike conventional veneers. This ensures that the treatment is more affordable and the process is quicker.

Gentle Veneers are applied directly to your original teeth, and are applied all at once unlike conventional veneers, ensuring the treatment is more affordable and the process is quicker.

How Much Do Gentle Veneers Cost?

The cost of Gentle Veneers depends on which tier you choose to go with. When you come in for your examination,
we’ll discuss the benefits of each tier for your specific requirements and preferences.

Gentle Veneers Standard – $750 (per tooth)

  • Cost-effective
  • Quick application
  • Ultra-thin porcelain veneers

Gentle Veneers Standard Plus – $850 (per tooth)

  • Improved aesthetics/appearance
  • Greater choice in colour
  • More options in shade
  • Smile Trial (wax-up and mock-ups in mouth)

Gentle Veneers Premium – $950 (per tooth)

  • Layered porcelain
  • Most natural colouring
  • Most natural translucency
  • Smile Trial (wax-up and mock-ups in mouth)

How Long Do Gentle Veneers Take To Apply?

In most cases all you’ll require is two appointments: one for examination and one for application.

First Appointment – 30 min

You’ll receive an examination and have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have.

Once all your concerns are addressed, we’ll take an impression (mould) of your teeth, so that the laboratory can create your individualised porcelain veneers.

Second Appointment* – 30 min

*Only required for Gentle Veneers Standard Plus and Premium

You’ll receive a smile trial with a wax-up so you can see what your final smile will look like and make sure you’re happy with the end result. This step allows us to make any changes necessary before your veneers are made up.

Final Appointment – 30-60 min

We’ll start with the cleaning and surface preparation of your teeth before the quick, painless bonding of the veneers using dental cement and a special curing light.