Gentle Veneers

We can help you with gentle veneers in both our Perth & Beldon clinics.

Dental O So Gentle specialises in a simple, painless procedure where by veneers are placed on top of your existing teeth to help fix the size, shape, colour and alignment of your smile. Gentle Veneers are designed to provide a more aesthetically pleasing smile and are an affordable, preparation-free solution to creating a new smile.

How do they work?

Gentle Veneers are strong yet very thin and are placed on a number of your teeth at once. Because they’re quick to apply and can be done in one session, Gentle Veneers require little or no preparation, and are both time and cost effective.

How long is the process for Gentle Veneers?

In most cases, all you’ll require is two appointments.

  • The first appointment is with your Dental O So Gentle dentist, where they will offer you the chance to receive an examination and discuss any questions you may have. Once all of your concerns have been addressed, you will have an impression (mould) taken of your teeth, so that the laboratory can create your individualised porcelain veneers. This appointment will last half an hour.
  • The second appointment will include the cleaning and surface preparation of your teeth, followed by the quick, painless bonding of the veneers using dental cement and a special curing light. This appointment will last between 0.5-1 hour.

How do Gentle Veneers differ from regular veneers?

Gentle Veneers not only require no preparation, but they’re also suitable for clients looking for a more affordable cosmetic dental treatment. Gentle Veneers are all applied at once while conventional veneers are placed on each tooth individually. Gentle Veneers are applied directly to your original teeth, and the process is both quicker and more affordable than regular veneers.