Hygiene Appointments

To ensure that your teeth are clean and your dental hygiene is adequate, we suggest that you attend a professional hygiene appointment at Dental O So Gentle every 6 months. By doing so we can ensure that you retain optimal oral health.

Oral diseases, including decay, periodontitis and gingivitis, are all asymptomatic in their early stages. That’s why we recommend that you maintain biannual hygiene appointments; prevention is always better than cure.

Your hygiene appointment will usually involve:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your teeth, gum and soft tissue.
  • A thorough teeth cleaning and polish.
  • A full evaluation of possible cosmetic smile enhancements.
  • An application of fluoride as a decay preventing agent.
  • Any recommendations required for dental treatments, such as fillings/restorations, implants, crowns and root canal treatments. This will constitute your treatment plan, if necessary.

Why do I need a professional hygiene and exam appointment?

You might think that as long as you brush your teeth, your oral health will be fine. While brushing you teeth is very important, a dental hygiene appointment ensures that your mouth is healthy in its entirety. A healthy mouth is vital for a healthy body. By ensuring your mouth is healthy you can decrease the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. In fact, gum disease has been identified as a risk factor in heart disease.

How can I care for my teeth and gums?

There are a few ways in which you can care for your oral health.

  1. Brush your teeth and floss every day – this will prevent decay, periodontal disease and plaque build-up. It is also advisable to brush after eating sweet foods.
  2. Fluoride – always use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. If you’re not sure which toothpaste is best, have a chat with your Dental O So Gentle dentist.
  3. Avoid smoking – smoking not only causes staining on your teeth, but it can also cause oral diseases.
  4. Visit the dentist – we recommend that you make a professional hygiene and exam appointment at either our Perth City or Beldon dental clinic twice a year.
  5. Protect your teeth – always wear a mouth-guard when playing sport and refrain from using your teeth as a tool, e.g. to open packets, rip tape etc.