Our Prices

Everybody wants to know how much their dental treatment is going to cost, so we’ve broken down our most common pricing for you.

Please note, prices may differ depending on your health fund.


General Consultation30 minsfrom $76
Cosmetic Consultation30 minsFREE


Exam 1 hourfrom $76
Small Radiographs from $58
OPG from $169


Professional Scale and Clean1 hourfrom $129
Fluoridefrom $56


Conventional Veneers from $1180 per tooth (depending on cosmetic demand)


from $750-$950 per tooth (min 6 teeth)

Standard Cost effective, quick, ultra-thin porcelain veneers$750 per tooth
Standard PlusImproved aesthetics and appearance; more choice in colour and shade$850 per tooth
Premium Layered porcelain, most natural colour and translucency $950 per tooth


from $1690 – $2250 per tooth

Standard Monolithic zirconia – single, basic machine graded shade, basic anatomy$1765per tooth
Standard Plus Monolithic Porcelain (emax) – better colour, machine graded shade, better anatomy$1899 per tooth
Premium Layered Porcelain (emax) – totally natural colour, shade and anatomy using hand crafted layered porcelain.$2250 per tooth


from $3855 – $6275 per tooth

StandardNon-guided, only for suitable cases.
3-month surgical phase, 2-week restorative phase.
$3855 per tooth
Standard Plus Guided, allows precision placement of implant and can reduce post-surgical discomfort.
3-month surgical phase, 2-week restorative phase.
$4325 per tooth
Premium Cosmetically demanding cases, guided, includes gum shaping (does not include bone grafting, connective tissue grafting) using provisional crown if required, includes layered crown for natural shade and anatomy.
3-month surgical phase, up to 6 months restorative phase.
$6275 per tooth

ALL – ON – 4

from $20 450 – $30 450 per arch

Standard Acrylic substructure with acrylic teeth completed in
2 days*
Requires 15mm of space per arch.
$20 450 per arch
Standard Plus Titanium reinforced substructure with acrylic teeth, completed in 5 days*
Requires 12mm of space per arch
$25 450 per arch
Premium Zirconia substructure with hand crafted layered emax crowns, completed in 6 months*
Requires 8-10mm per arch
$30 450 per arch
* Same day extraction, implant and temporary teeth

* Same day extraction, implant and temporary teeth