Dentist Craigie

If you’re looking for a dentist around Craigie, then you’re in the right spot!

Here at Dental O So Gentle we run a small, family owned and operated dental clinic in nearby Beldon. We’re fully equipped to deal with all your dental needs, and our team of friendly dentists and technicians are friendly and professional.

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Unit 8, Beldon Medical Centre
265 Eddystone Ave Beldon WA 6027
Tel: (08) 9307 7122

Opening Times:
Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5:00pm

We Offer Complete Emergency Dental Services

Finding an emergency dentist in a timely manner is crucial to the long term health of your teeth and gums. Sometimes our teeth are damaged through trauma or accidents. When this happens, the problem needs to be treated fast and professionally to minimise both the pain and the damage to your smile.

At Dental O So Gentle we have a team of dentists on hand to deal with any dental emergencies that may arise in or around Craigie. Make sure that you get in touch as soon as possible to make sure that we can treat you in a timely manner.

Craigie Cosmetic Dentist

Not everyone goes to the dentist to get their cavities fixed or their teeth checked. In fact, a lot of people come into our clinic every day looking for cosmetic dental services – that is, treatments designed to improve their smile and, consequently, their self-confidence. Some of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments include:

Invisalign bracesInvisalign is a relatively new cosmetic dental treatment that is designed to take the place of traditional braces or retainers. Using Invisalign technology, our dentists will be able to help you straighten out crooked teeth in no time at all.

VeneersIf your teeth are pitted, worn, coloured or otherwise damaged on the surface, veneers might be the answer. Basically, veneers are thin ‘covers’ that are placed on the surface of your teeth to give them a smooth, uniform appearance.

WhiteningTeeth whitening is designed to brighten your smile and improve your self-confidence. Here at Dental O So Gentle we offer a number of different teeth whitening treatments to Craigie residents, depending on your exact needs and budget.

CrownsIf you’ve damaged or broken a tooth in the past we can help. Using dental techniques that are accepted throughout the dental community, we can design and place a crown on the top of your damaged tooth to disguise it and reduce and pain or inconvenience you might be experiencing.

Craigie General Dentist

Along with our emergency and cosmetic dental services, we also offer a range of more ‘traditional’ general treatments. These include:

  • General check-ups and cleans.
  • Filling of cavities and decayed areas.
  • Root canals.
  • Extractions.
  • And much, much more.

If you’re looking for a dentist that services the Craigie area, then call or email our friendly team at our Beldon clinic today.