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Tikkun Uganda
We love helping people smile! Not just by helping people be proud of their pearly whites but also by giving back to less fortunate communities. That’s why we’re supporting the non-profit organisation in Uganda helping marginalised African communities, called Tikkun-Uganda.

Tikkun-Uganda is committed to “repairing Uganda” and works closely with local communities to develop sustainable villages by improving the standard of living, empowering and educating the youth. Tikkun-Uganda, with help from Dental O So Gentle’s donations, has established the first Medical Clinic in Putti.

The Broude Medical Centre provides medical facility access to grass-root communities that are out of reach of government health units. It also offers them guidance, counseling and health education. Today the centre can accommodate 50 cases per day and has, thanks to donations, acquired basic medical equipment.

However, there is still a long way to go for it to be properly equipped to provide even better care for its patients. The centre also plans to establish a comprehensive health program to raise awareness of issues such as STDs, family planning, nutrition etc.

The establishment of this medical centre, as well as the construction of a school are great achievements for Tikkun-Uganda and monumental milestones for the communities they support. But there is still so much more that needs to be done… and we want to play a role in it!

Please visit the Tikkun-Uganda website at . Please feel free to give your support.