COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With the situation regarding coronavirus/COVID-19 unfolding, here are answers to some common questions.


I have an upcoming appointment at Dental O So Gentle, should I reschedule it?

No. One of the best ways of ensuring your continued wellbeing during times like these is to keep your body healthy, including your oral health. It is very important to keep your dental appointments, especially your dental hygiene, so that you can avoid getting into dental trouble down the track.


What if I am experiencing flu-like symptoms or recently travelled overseas?

If you are experiencing symptoms of an illness, sore throat, fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please seek medical advice and reschedule your appointment with us. If you have recently travelled overseas, we encourage you to refrain from coming into the clinic until 14 days have passed with no flu symptoms.


What is Dental O So Gentle doing to protect its patients?

At both of our clinics, we continue our uncompromising commitment to ensure our normal infection control protocols are in place. That way you can come in for your appointment with peace of mind. Additionally, we remain as vigilant as ever in ensuring that patient waiting time in our reception area is kept to an absolute minimum.

When you come into our clinics, we ask that you sanitise your hands with the hand-sanitiser provided in our reception areas, and then sanitise once again after your treatment.


Do you have any other advice about lowering one’s risk?

We strongly encourage you to follow normal hygiene procedures of regularly washing hands, avoid unnecessary contact with public surfaces (railings etc) and avoid touching your face when in public.

Please keep an eye on updated advice from respected medical sources as well.