CEREC Crowns

Our Perth-based dental clinics offer CEREC CAD/CAM.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is the culmination of years of complicated research and the most up to date technology that saves you time and effort and makes the whole process of having a crown effortless. This is because the need for the uncomfortable impression step is no longer needed as the CEREC uses digital scanners to take a digital impression, and the crown can be fitted at the same appointment. As by using computer-aided systems, 3D imaging, CAD/CAM programmes and a specialised milling machine, dental crowns can be created at unparalleled speeds and with unrivalled precision.

How does it work?

The material that is used for CEREC Crowns allow for completely realistic looking teeth-replacements that don’t compromise on functionality or comfort. The material is chemically bonded to your teeth to take advantage of what healthy structure you have and help strengthen your teeth to prevent any more damage. We use either porcelain or a zirconia block to mill the crown from. The zirconia is amazingly strong and is often used on the back teeth. The porcelain is still strong but also has a chameleon effect where cosmetics are important so it is able to match the natural vitality of your teeth.

What’s the process of CEREC Crowns?

The first step of CEREC dentistry is the taking of 3D photography to create a digital model of your mouth and the crown preparation. The CEREC software and programmes uses comparisons of your other teeth to create the shape and size of your crown.

After your crown is designed, the information is sent to the specialised milling unit and the final product made from a solid porcelain ceramic block. The end result is then bonded to your tooth/teeth using resin cement.