The Wand – Can Magic Fix My dental Fears?  

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We understand many people are anxious, scared or even terrified of dental treatment. In fact recent statistics show that 16% of Australian adults have a high fear of going to the dentist. At Dental O So Gentle our priority is to look after you, our team is calm and supportive. We know that most anxiety stems from a fear of the unknown so we make sure to talk you through your treatment so you know what to expect and hold your hand throughout the procedure if it will help reduce your anxiety. To make your experience more comfortable we have TV screens in all rooms for distraction, calming inhalation relaxation and a range of anaesthetics. We also use The Wand during some of our treatmentsThis might sound like a bit of hocus-pocus, but the wand is a revolutionary new computer‐controlled dental injection system.

What exactly is this wand and how does it work?

What many patients who suffer from a needle or injection phobia don’t realise is that the pain does not usually come from the needle. Certainly, a slightly blunt needle can cause discomfort, but it is rare to find a blunt needle in a modern surgery. Most syringes now are disposables that are used only once.

In reality, the pain caused by injections is created by the anaesthetic being delivered to quickly or with too much force. Imagine if there was a system available that delivered the anaesthetic at the perfect speed, every time! Painful injections would be a thing of the past!

This is exactly what The Wand does. The flow of anaesthetic is computer-controlled by the CompuDent hardware, while The Wand is the hand piece that holds the needle. Operating together, they remove the possibility of the injection being delivered accidentally too fast.